Sectional Door Installation Like Nowhere Else

Sectional Door Installation

We at Industrial Sectional Door aim to provide sectional door installation like no one else can. Read the blog to find out, how we do it!

Industrial Sectional Door specialises in the sale and installation of high-quality Industrial Sectional Doors throughout the UK. The doors we supply and install are among the best available, fulfilling our high criteria of durability, efficiency, and longevity.

The sectional door installation solution provides reduced dispersal and continuity of operation inside the premises. Our trained professionals will work with you to determine the ideal door for your needs and budget.

When examining your application and specification sheet, it is critical to plan ahead of time because many elements influence the installation of an industrial sectional door in your organisation.

We Cover It All!

From door panel assembly and installation to levelling and balancing the door leaf, the Industrial Sectional Door covers it all.

Your sectional door includes multiple panels that join together to form a seal against the outside elements. Depending on the size and type of your door, you may have two to eight panels.

Assembling your door panels is a simple task, that takes only a few minutes using basic equipment for sectional overhead door installation.

Once your door panels are done with assembling, we install them in your doorway. The final step is to wrap any weatherstripping or other sealant strips around the perimeter of the door assembly.

Now let’s talk about the levelling and balancing the door leaf.

To level the door leaf, we begin by adjusting the bottom brackets. Loosen the adjustment screws on the bottom brackets until they may be moved, then adjust until the door leaf is level. When the bottom brackets are in position, tighten the adjustment screws to secure them.

There are several techniques to level and balance a door leaf. The first way involves using shims. Weights are another option for levelling and balancing a door leaf. Once we’ve levelled and balanced the door leaf, we’ll make sure it still works smoothly and evenly.

One More Kind of Installation

We also specialise in wicket door and panel strut installation along with sectional door installation. The wicket door is the tiny door at the base of the sectional door arrangement in London.

It permits people to enter and leave the building without having to open the larger door. Wicket doors might be swing or sliding style.

Panel struts are horizontal components that hold the panels of a sectional door together. They strengthen and stabilise the door while also preventing it from bowing or deflecting under large loads. Panel struts are commonly constructed from aluminium or steel.

We are a Reliable Team of Experts

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers specialise in the installation of all types of industrial doors, including sectional doors. We take pride in offering a professional sectional overhead door installation, tailored to each unique client’s demands.

We recognise that each business has unique requirements for industrial doors, which is why we provide a bespoke service to guarantee that each door.

Whether you require a door for a small warehouse or a huge factory, we have the solution for you. If you’re looking for dependable and experienced overhead door installers to supply and install your next industrial door, look no further than us.

Connect Now!

We understand that assembling and installing industrial sectional doors can be disruptive and offer safety risks. That is why we strive to reduce interruption while prioritising safety.

Our team has skills and training in sectional door installation, so you get confidence that your door is fit properly. We also work with you to organise a convenient installation time that will not disturb your business activities.

Without further ado, connect with us on Instagram. We specialise in all aspects of industrial sectional door installation and repair, and we take pleasure in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.