Introducing Our New Sectional Door Installation

New Sectional Door Installation

New sectional doors: practical, insulated, and customizable. Boost efficiency and security in commercial and industrial spaces. Read the blog to find more.

The new sectional door installation is a marvel of precision engineering. Today’s garage requires a door that combines function and form.

Available in various finishes and colours, and with options such as insulation. 

Not only do they look fantastic, but they open vertically, with no ‘kick out’ of the door. You can make the most of the driveway in front of the garage.


The attributes of sectional overhead doors near London are many and varied, due to the differing nature of industrial applications. 

Utilizing different materials for the frame, infill, and method of operation enhances the versatility of sectional doors. It allows them to be tailored to suit many different environments. 

Airports show the benefits of new sectional overhead door installation. Commonly, doors in aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities are fabricated from insulated steel panel sections.

The benefit of this application is that sectional doors require no space outside the hangar to operate. This design feature permits an aircraft to be positioned directly before the door without hindering its functionality.

Additionally, the doors’ durability is a great benefit in these high-use environments.

These doors are highly self-sealing, an important attribute in fodder and grain storage. 

A lifting handle can be fitted to the bottom section, facilitating easy opening and closing. This enriched form of the age-old tilt door is unlike the motor-lifting tilt panel doors commonly found in suburban homes.


Energy savings

A new sectional overhead door installation near London makes it perfect for energy-conscious home and business owners. The thermal resistance generated by the insulated door will help to maintain the temperature within the garage. 

Moreover, in effect, it will reduce the homeowner’s energy bills.

Noise reduction

The strength and sound absorption of this door makes it ideal for households. Whether it’s a home office or recreational room, this door will help to create a comfortable environment for the occupants. 

New sectional overhead door installation will also reduce the transmission of street and traffic noise into the home.

Maintenance and care

An Industrial sectional door installation service will give many years of dependable service if properly installed and maintained.

The maintenance schedule outlined should be considered as a minimum requirement. If the hinges of an old door have not been maintained for over 25 years, proper functioning may be compromised.

However, taking preventative measures can help avoid the need for further repairs.

A warranty claim, for example, will usually allow for free replacement parts. Failure to take necessary preventative steps may result in the need for future repairs to the door. 

It is advised to clean the door surface at least twice per year using a mild detergent and a soft brush.

The purpose of this is to prevent the build-up of corrosive contaminants. During door surface cleaning, check the door for any water or paint damage. If the door is made from steel and has suffered dents or scratches, touch-ups may be necessary.

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